The Reason for Being

Raison d'etre, a French term meaning reason for being.

And what is the reason for my existence and being? To engage in the art of living through intentional contemplation of philosophy.

Since exploring my interest in philosophy, I have undergone a process of self-transformation, which has radically changed my perspectives on life. This is a digital space to share philosophical concepts and my experiences of living them out, often in relation to being a primary/elementary classroom teacher in Australia.

For those who are philosophically curious, I extend my welcome. Take what you need, gain insights and reflect inwardly. Seek out wisdom for yourself to live a more fulfilling life.

My journey started when I wondered why things are the way they are. This began at a young age and continued into a deep desire to understand the world around me, not just on a surface level, but on a deeper level. Why do we never seem to be fully satisfied with what we have? What does a happy and meaningful life look like? How can we achieve inner peace and tranquility?

After a coffee chat with my university professor one summer afternoon in 2021, he recommended me Pierre Hadot's Philosophy as a Way of Life. You know those moments when you feel alive, not just at a corporeal level, but on a spiritual and intellectual one too? Reading Hadot's insights about how philosophy can be more than just a theoretical or abstract endeavour compelled me to live out my values and experience philosophy in real life. So began a journey of continuous learning, experimenting and sharing. As Seneca puts it, "all study of philosophy and reading should be for the purpose of living a happy life", and so here's to turning noble and courageous words into works that can bring us happiness and meaning.

I welcome you to join me, as we meander through ideas, distill information and think philosophically about the world. These are my field notes. A gift from a philosophically inclined teacher to you, for knowledge only becomes useful when it is shared with others.

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