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Educational Philosophy and Theory

The Journal of Educational Philosophy and Theory is committed to extending the dialogues of educational philosophy to the profession and education's several disciplines. Owned by Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA), it publishes articles on education’s underlying philosophical doctrines, its ideologies and contemporary expressions.

Here, I review Low’s book on the importance of Eastern and Western definitions of mindfulness to encourage education professionals in improving their understanding of how different social contexts have framed and given different meanings to this concept. It contributes to the discussion of what the future of education holds if we continue to neglect a more holistic view of teacher wellbeing.

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Anna Rumjahn (2022): Themindandteachersintheclassroom:Exploring definitionsofmindfulness, by Remy Y. S. Low, 2021, Educational Philosophy and Theory, DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2021.2023497

Scan, NSW Department of Education

Scan, the New South Wales Department of Education’s journal is a peer refereed online journal offering articles about quality learning, teaching ideas, research and emerging trends.

I reflect on my experiences as an early career teacher and how my interests in philosophy have allowed me to cultivate a coherent sense of self in relation to my professional identity. Having only ever taught in the years of a pandemic, exploring and implementing philosophical ideas have been pivotal to my inner happiness and success.

Read the article here on pages 21-26.

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Rumjahn, A. (2022). Early-career teaching: an opportunity for reflection and self-development, Scan, 41(1).