004: A Reflection on Sunsets

004: A Reflection on Sunsets

Over the past handful of months, I have had the privilege of being able to live in a place nestled on the coastline of the Pacific Northwest. Watching the sun set almost every day has brought about a newfound admiration for the land that I am a visitor of. I am drawn to the kaleidoscope of colours baked into the sky, tenderly resting on top of the ocean. Though bold and vibrant with hues, the soft texture of the clouds (when they are there) keeps me in awe.

Sunsets have been my teacher during my time in Vancouver. They make me think about time and temporality. The constancy of the sun moving across the sky during the day, shifts into a dazzling yolk, dipping slowing down into the horizon, signalling that another day has passed. The Earth’s reliable orbit around the Sun is contrasted with knowing that every moment is different, unique, and irreplaceable. They remind me that change is an inherent characteristic of life; and teaches me to stay in the present, to revel in the beauty-full moments. To pay attention, is a virtue. Noticing, observing and attending to, cultivates awareness. And in this case, awareness of self in relation with nature and the universe.

Sunsets have also been my friend during my time in Vancouver. On days when I may be upset, frustrated or in a state of existential angst, the sun's rays of warmth hold me gently. I sit with the sunset on the beach...some think that I am sitting in solitude. But in truth, the Sun and I, we are watching each other, connected by the energy of the cosmos. My hands playing with the sand…I know that the sun is non-judgemental, good-natured, and life-giving. That makes me happy. Existing in relation with each other, I send out loving and kind thoughts to them. As the colours change from pinks and oranges to midnight blue, we say our temporary farewells. I know that they will always be there, a hallmark of a true friend. Retreating into my humble abode, my body is written with our intimate bond. A spirit well nourished, dances with lightness, moves in ways that dazzle, and carries a joyful smile. Tomorrow, we shall see each other again.

Here are some moments that I captured of my teacher and friend during my time here in the West Coast. A love letter from a human being who acknowledges your presence, grace and sustenance.

Left: March 23, 2024; Right: March 17, 2024
Left: November 28, 2023; Right: December 15, 2023
Left: February 12, 2024; Right: October 3, 2023
Left: April 14, 2024; Right: September 1, 2023
Left: March 30, 2024; Right: March 16, 2024